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A-NeuVideo 12 Volt 8-Port DC Power Remote Managed PDU (ANI-8PDU-12V)

This 8-Port 12V DC Power Manager is a DC power splitter which can distribute up to 125 milliamps of 12 volt power to up to eight connected devices via 2-pin terminal block connections (115 watts total across all 8 outputs). Ideal for professional applications, this unit provides direct per-port power control via WebGUI, Telnet or RS-232. An integrated, battery backed-up, clock allows for detailed power scheduling based on a repeating daily/weekly schedule or single events. Up to two fans may be connected and their speed can be either automatically controlled based on a detected temperature, or set to a single static speed. Detailed status information about the power input, each power output, current fan speed and system temperature is provided to give a comprehensive system overview.

Key Features

  • Power management system providing voltage-controlled current (12V) on each output
  • Battery backed-up clock for scheduling power events
  • Integrated WebGUI for control and power analysis
  • Supports eight power output ports with professional 2-pin 3.5mm terminal block connectors
  • 115 watts of total power provided across all eight outputs
  • Dynamic loading function balances the power provided to each DC output

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