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Altelix 75-Ohm Wide-Band Directional Antenna 12dBi (AL0727G12-FF)

Altelix’s 75-Ohm Wide Band Directional Antenna is a high gain log periodic antenna designed for cellular, Wi-Fi and RFID applications in the range of 698-2700 MHz.

This antenna is ideal for use with 75-Ohm 2G 3G 4G LTE GSM Cell Phone Boosters and Cellular Repeaters. It provides up to 12dBi gain and is compatible with all 50 Ohm cell phone boosters and repeaters including Wilson weBoost, SureCall, Hiboost and Uniden. It operates on all worldwide cellular bands for voice and 4G data with all carriers.

This antenna’s wide frequency range also makes it ideal for use at 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz for Wi-Fi and Wireless Video systems, as well as 800 MHz & 900 MHz RFID applications.

It can be used outdoors as a building antenna for direct access to cell tower signals for indoor amplifiers and boosters. It can also be used in warehouses or other indoor spaces to provide precise coverage to selected areas.

This antenna is weatherproof and designed for pole mounting with the included mounting hardware. It features an 8-inch low-loss antenna lead terminated with an N Female connector.

Key Features

  • 698-2700 MHz wide band coverage
  • Has a directional log periodic design
  • Compatible with all 75-ohm cell phone boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters
  • Features a high-gain and efficiency
  • Radome is UV stable with a white finish
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications

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