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Blonder Tongue ATSC/QAM Demodulator Plus Broadcaster AFD Software (AQD-PLUS-ASI)

This AQD (ATSC/QAM Demodulator) from Blonder Tongue accepts one input in 8VSB (digital off-air) or QAM (digital cable) format. It delivers one output in NTSC composite analog Audio/Video format, and two identical outputs in ASI format. AQD allows delivering of a digital off-air program to viewers with an analog TV set.

Key Features

  • Input standards supported are digital off-air (8VSB) and digital cable (QAM 64 and 256)
  • NTSC Composite Analog Audio/Video output is in 480i format and supports Closed Captioning (EIA-608)
  • Optional AQD-RCS module allows remote monitoring and configuration of up to 80 AQD modules
  • Optional AQD-SPS unit provides standby utility power to the primary power supply (AQD Power & Control module)
  • Requires Controller and Chassis (6246/6233)
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