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Commander Technologies 764-806 MHz 6 dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna (AO7806-54TO)

Commander Technologies 746-806 MHz Broadbanded Omni Antenna for use by public safety organizations. Item Height 103.2 inches, Item Length 2.75 inches, and Item Width 2.75 inches.

Key Features

  • 764-806 MHz Specific Frequency, 8.1 dBi Gain, 6 dBd Gain, Vertical Polarization, and 1.5:1 Maximum VSWR.
  • 500 W Maximum Power, DC Ground Lightning Protection, 7/16 DIN Female RF Connectors, and 100 mile/h Maximum Rated Wind Velocity.
  • Jumper Not Included.
  • 46 Clamp set mounting Hardware Included.

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