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Hawkeye Fishtrax Color Portable Fish Finder FT1PXC

HawkEye FishTrax Handheld Fish Finder w/HD Color VirtuView DisplayFish From Anywhere Dock, Bridge, Shoreline, Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Ice Anywhere Your Tackle Box Can Go, the FT1PXC Can…The Go Anywhere, Do Anything, Fish Finder…FishTrax intelligent sonar delivers precise fish finder readings up to 240′. Audible fish alarm signals the presence of fish. VariableZone water temperature sensor shows water temperature throughout the water column. Weed and rock indicators indicate bottom composition. Glare-Free icon LCD with LED backlight offers excellent readability. EasyTouch user interface makes system setup and adjustment easy. The FishTrax 1C comes with a Airmar transducer that is float-able, troll-able or can be boat mounted, that way you know you are getting an unmatched, go anywhere portable device. We know how important it is to have as much space on your kayak, canoe or dinghy as possible, that is why the FishTrax 1C runs off of 4 AAA batteries. Giving you at least 30 hours of battery life. Which means there is no need to have a heavy battery pack installed in your kayak, canoe or dingy taking up all your precious room. Leaving you with more room for other gear. To Use: Simply turn the power on, toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline, bridge, or boat and instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.Features:FishTrax Intelligent Sonar Delivers Precise Fish FinderReadings up to 240’Audible Fish Alarm Signals the Presence of FishAdaptive Software Programming Minimizes False ReadingsVariableZone Water Temperature Sensor Shows Water Temperature Throughout The Water ColumnWeed and Rock Indicators Indicate Bottom CompositionGlare-Free Icon LCD with LED Backlight offers Excellent ReadabilityEasyTouch User Interface Makes System SetupAnd Adjustment EasyAirmar Transducer is Trollable, Boat Mountable, & Floatable… Achieves Unmatched, Go Anywhere, Portability(*)Built-In Expanda

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