Ironwood Pacific Outdoors AnchorLift w/Standard Red Buoy

AnchorLift Anchor Puller w/Standard Red Buoy002.1RBuoy Size: StandardBuoy Diameter: 11.5Lifting Capacity: 30lbsColor: RedAnchorLift is ideal for anchoring in lakes and rivers with anchor lines that are rigged with under 15 feet of chain. The chain will not thread through the AnchorLift body. Its also an excellent way to easily pull up shrimp or crab pots rigged with nylon or polypropylene line. Features:Will float anchors or traps up to 80 lbsStainless steel sliding bolt locks the anchor at the surfaceConstructed from marine-grade nylon reinforced with stainless steel at all wear pointsRequires 3/8 to 5/8 anchor lineAlso works with crab and shrimp potsActs as a marker buoy in case of a quick anchor releaseLifetime warrantyMade in the USA

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