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Johnson Pump Viking Universal Manual Bilge Pump – 38mm

Viking Universal Manual Bilge Pump – 38mmHeavy duty, self-priming, hand-powered bilge pump for nearly any type of installationViking Universal’s mounting bracket allows for vertical or horizontal surface mounting. With the optional Through Deck kit the pump can be installed behind bulkheads or below the deck. To minimize required space the Viking Universal excels at adaption. The simple switching of the valves together with the connections allows you to choose flow direction. The included KlickTite straight and 90 degree hose connections can be used in combination. The hose connections and even the pump housing can be easily rotated for optimal positioning.While designed as a powerful bilge pump, the Viking Universal’s large 38mm (1-1/2) valves enable the pump to also be used for pumping toilet waste.Fasteners are included for stowing the handle and the safety clasp ensures that the handle cannot be lost while not in use or during an emergency situation. Viking Universal meets ISO 15083, Bilge pumping systems.Specifications:Body and cover:Polypropylene plastic reinforced with 30% fiberglassDiaphragm and valves:Nitrile rubberWetted parts:PP30GF, PA66 GF30, POM, stainless steel, nitrile rubberMaximum suction:3M (10′)Maximum head:4M (13′)Combined suction/head:7M (23′)Connection:KlickTite? connectors 38mm (1-1/2) hose. Both straight and 90 degree bends are includedMax. liquid temp:+60 degreeC (140 degreeF)Weight:1,5 kg (3.3 lbs)

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