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Manhattan FTDI FT-232RL Chip USB-C to Serial Converter (151566)

Easily connect serial devices through a USB port with the Manhattan FTDI FT-232RL Chip USB-C to Serial Converter. Most modern computers and laptops don’t have a RS-232 (DB9) port, making the use of legacy peripherals and high-tech devices, which connect with COM ports, almost impossible. The Manhattan USB to Serial Converter, with its serial RS-232 (BD9) port and FTDI FT-232RL chipset, easily expands a single USB port to connect and support serial modems, barcode scanners, digital cameras, card readers, amateur radios, GPS, CNC machines, telescopes, embroidery machines, fuel injection controllers, PDUs, network switches and other devices.

Key Features

  • FTDI FT-232RL chipset is compatible with many OSs and other platforms
  • Connects most DB9/serial modems, digital cameras, label writers, barcode scanners, palm PCs, GPS, telescopes, automotive control systems, digital organizers and more
  • Installs as a standard COM/RS-232 port to provide serial connectivity for legacy and high-tech devices
  • FTDI FT-232RL chipset configuration available through Manhattan website

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