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Octopus Autopilot Drives Octopus Sailboat Drive Inboard System 12 Stroke Up To 38Ft OCTAFMDRSSYS12

Type RS – Unique RS Sailboat DriveEASY TO BUY – Everything you need supplied in one box – drive, 6ft steeringcable and universal connection kit.EASY TO FIT – The simple to mount installation kit and optional integratedrudder feedback make for easy fitting.COMPACT – The remote drive unit has a tiny 0.25Ft2 footprint and can bemounted in the most convenient location on your boat, horizontally orvertically.RELIABLE & SAFE – Proven, tested design. The drive unit features a manualoverride without having to disengage the autopilot first.COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PILOT – The Type R Remote Drive System is compatiblewith all major brand inboard autopilot systems.The Octopus Remote Sailboat Drive System makes it easy and economical toinstall an automatic pilot on light displacement Sail Boats steered with amechanical system from a wheel or tiller. The system is designed for themodern mid range sail boat which has restricted space to mount a standardLinear drive. The drive is very responsive and has little feedbackresistance when in ‘Stand by’ mode making it very suitable for racingyachts.Recommended for Yachts up to 38Ft (11.5m) with a maximum displacement of15400 Ibs / 7000 Kg.The system includes a drive unit, a steering cable and a linear driveconnection kit. The drive unit Can be mounted either horizontal orvertically in any convenient location. The steering cable length isdetermined by the relative position of the drive unit to the linear driveconnection kit.

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