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ProMariner Digital Mobile Charge40 Advanced Electronic In-Transit 4 Stage Battery Charger – 12V to 24V

Digital Mobile Charge40 – 12V to 24V Battery to BatteryDC Input (Volts/Amps): 12 Volts/40 AmpsDC Output (Volts/Amps): 24 Volts/20 AmpsDigital Mobile Charge40 is a breakthrough in battery-to-battery, on-the-water charging technology. Simply connect to the engine crank battery and your house electronic battery, allowing for up to 40 Amps per hour to be transferred to your house battery bank. Protects your engine battery while charging and conditioning your house battery bank, using its all-digital C³ boost-mode-charging technology. Meets a boat’s demand for on-the-water power and charging for 12 or 24 Volt DC systems, allowing for radar, lighting, live wells and other DC systems to operate while managing and charging batteries when running your engine.

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