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RAM Mount Heavy Duty Marine Electronics Mount w/Combination Pin-Lock Security Kit Short Arm

RAM Mixed Combination Pin-Lock Security Kit and 2.25 Diameter D Size Mount for Gimbal BracketsThe RAM-SG-D-111U-C consists of a 3.68 diameter round base, SHORT LENGTH double socket arm, 11 x 3 rectangular base, RAM mixed combination Pin-Lock security nut/knob and key knob for Gimbal Brackets. The round base contains pre-drilled holes, including two holes at 180 degrees and three holes at 120 degrees. The rectangle base contains different combinations of pre-drilled holes which will match up to many electronic devices and mounts.RAM Pin-Lock security solutions are designed to withstand the harshest environments where RAM Mounts are commonly used. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function, RAM security nuts/knobs are low profile and only add a small amount of additional bulk to your system when compared to the standard knob included. At a fraction of the cost of currently available keyed locking knobs, the additional peace of mind and tamper resistance comes at a very affordable price. The included threaded key knob replaces the gimbal knob, assuring your mounted electronic device is safe from theft and tampering.Features:Overall Height:8.125Weight Capacity:Up to 15 lbs.Material:Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum and High Strength CompositeBall Size:2.25 Rubber D Ball SizeNote:The 11 x 3 rectangle base is a universal mounting bracket with a selection of mounting hole locations. In certain applications additional holes may need to be drilled for proper fit with your electronic device.

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