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RAM Mount Snap Link Arm – RAM-to-Garmin – Long

RAM Snap Link Arm – RAM-to-Garmin – LongThe RAM-to-Garmin double ball LONG arm will attach to the EZ-Strap base, making it a complete mounting system for Garmin GPS devices that contain a factory mounting bracket that accommodates the Garmin G-Ball. The overall length of the LONG arm adapter is 3. Material:High strength compositeNote:The U in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. The RAM-to-Garmin double ball LONG arm is compatible with the following Garmin GPS devices:nuLink! 1695nuvi 1200nuvi 1250nuvi 1260T nuvi 1300nuvi 1300LM nuvi 1340Tnuvi 1350 nuvi 1350LMTnuvi 1350T nuvi 1370Tnuvi 1390LMTnuvi 1390Tnuvi 1450nuvi 1450LMTnuvi 1450Tnuvi 1490LMTnuvi 1490Tnuvi 1690nuvi 1695nuvi 200nuvi 200W nuvi 205nuvi 205Wnuvi 2200 nuvi 2250nuvi 2250LTnuvi 2300 nuvi 2300LMnuvi 2350 nuvi 2350LMTnuvi 2350LTnuvi 2360LMT nuvi 2360LT nuvi 2370LT nuvi 250 nuvi 250Wnuvi 255nuvi 255Wnuvi 260nuvi 260Wnuvi 265Tnuvi 265WTnuvi 270 nuvi 275T nuvi 285WT nuvi 295Wnuvi 300 nuvi 300T nuvi 310 nuvi 310Tnuvi 350nuvi 360 nuvi 360T nuvi 370 nuvi 370Tnuvi 3750nuvi 3760LMTnuvi 3760T nuvi 3790nuvi 3790LMT nuvi 3790T nuvi 465T nuvi 500 nuvi 5000 nuvi 510nuvi 550 nuvi 600 nuvi 610nuvi 650nuvi 660 nuvi 670 nuvi 680 nuvi 710nuvi 750 nuvi 755Tnuvi 760nuvi 760Tnuvi 765T nuvi 770 nuvi 775Tnuvi 780 nuvi 785Tnuvi 850nuvi 855 nuvi 860nuvi 880nuvi 885TStreetPilot c530StreetPilot c550StreetPilot c580 StreetPilot i2StreetPilot i3 StreetPilot i5zumo 220zumo 660zumo 665

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