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RCA High-VHF UHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna (ANT751)

This micro version of a traditionally large antenna pulls in high-VHF and UHF stations from as far away as 40 miles. A smaller antenna means its easier to put on the roof, and it fits on smaller and more low-profile mounts. In fact, this high-VHF antenna is sold with traditional J-mount you see on most satellite installations

Key Features

  • Reception of high-VHF and UHF stations up to 40 miles away
  • Blends traditional log-period antena performance with a low-profile design that meets most Home Owners Assciations
  • Includes a low-profile J-mount that works well as a roof, or wall mount
  • Designed for picking up stations within a 35 beamwidth (out of 360)
  • Protected by a 12-Month manufacturer warranty

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