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RFS Automatic Digital Dehydrator 0.2 SCFM 120V AC 50/60Hz (APD20-D35HH5R24S1)

The automatic digital dehydrator by RFS is designed for reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, rigid transmission line, or coaxial cable systems. The APD20-D35HH5R24S1 includes a self-contained completely automated air drying system that utilizes a pressure swing moisture absorption cycle to provide pressurized air while continuously purging the collected moisture to the atmosphere. This system is completely automatic, with no need for periodic media replacement or reactivation. This dehydrator is engineered with a USB port which offers the ability to enable options, download operating data in the field for easy upgrades, maintenance, troubleshooting, and update configurations. The units may be shelf mounted or placed in a 19″ EIA relay rack.

Key Features

  • Low pressure operation
  • High pressure, run time, and humidity alarms
  • Completely automatic
  • USB port for upgrading, troubleshooting, and more
  • May be shelf mounted or placed on a 19″ EIA relay rack

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