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Rule Gentle Flow Oxygenator 700 Gph 12V 255

Gentle Flow Oxygenator – 700GOH – 12VDesigned with infusor technology and a Gentle-Flow directional discharge, this unit is the ideal system for keeping bait and catch alive and healthy. The infusor introduces air into the base of the livewell pump through the air control centre producing millions of micro-fine bubbles. Because the bubbles are so small, they remain suspended in the water longer, providing more aeration to your delicate bait and catch. Designed to fit almost any custom tank, kits come complete with a pump, directional discharge, intake strainer, hose and intake valve.Specifications:Ideal for 25lbs of baitFlow Rate: 700GPH / 2,649LPHPort Type: 3/4 (19mm) Hose barbVoltage:12VDC

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