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Shakespeare 4018 19′ VHF Antenna

Style 4018 VHF 9dBPhased 1/2-wave elements in a collinear array with a coaxial choking sleeve to suppress cable radiationThe top choice for charter boat captains and experienced sport fishing enthusiasts. This long-distance VHF antenna is rigid enough to stay erect in rough seas, yet exceptionally lightweight.Brass and copper elements Chrome-plated brass ferrules Includes 20′ RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector Suggested mount: Style 409-R or 410-R Mounting Kit for deck or side mounting Two sections: base 162″, tip 66″Technical Specifications:Frequency:VHF Marine bandBandwidth:(within 2.0:1 SWR) 3 MHzSWR:1.5:1 at 156.8 MHzImpedance:(ohms): 50Gain:9 dBMax Input (Watts):25DC Ground:NOTermination:20′ RD-58Height (feet):19Polarization:VerticalRadiation pattern:Omni-directional

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