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ShinyBow HDMI PAL-NTSC to HDMI PAL-NTSC Standards Converter Scaler (ANI-HPNH)

The ANI-HPNH is a versatile HDMI to HDMI Standards Converter/Scaler. It accepts HDMI input with a separate Toslink or analog audio and scales it to a HDMI output (at a number of selectable resolutions) with additional Toslink and analog audio output. Any HDMI input resolution can be up-converted up to 1080p or down-converted as well. The ANI-HPNH is also a perfect solution for converting PAL to NTSC (50Hz to 60Hz) or NTSC to PAL (60Hz to 50Hz). The ANI-NPHN is also a full-featured scaler with resolution conversion with no signal degradation. The ANI-NPHN allows for underscan or overscan setting.

The ANI-HPNH has a comprehensive OSD menu that allows a user to select a variety of output resolutions and adjust for best picture quality. It is ideal for using between incompatible HDMI sources and/or displays by changing picture resolution and frame rate of the HDMI source to match the native resolution of the HDMI display.

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