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Telewave 485-512 MHz Yagi Antenna (ANT500Y10-WR)

The Telewave is a high performance directional antenna, designed especially for point to point as well as point/ multipoint applications. This antenna produces 10 dBd forward gain with an excellent front-to-back ratio. Solid aluminum elements with 360 welds prevent intermodulation and provide exceptional strength. Item Height 14.5 inches, and Item Length 45 inches.

Key Features

  • Each antenna is completely protected with our high-tech Txylan coating, which provides icing resistance and protection from corrosive gases, UV radiation, salt spray, acid rain and wind-blown sand. The feed line is protected within the boom, and the radiating element is completely sealed against ice and other hazards with a tough, RF-transparent radome.
  • Includes a welded vertical plate and mast clamp set. A horizontal welded plate is optional, or the ANTM400H adapter can be used. The clamp set fits any vertical mast or tower support from 1.5″-3.5″ O.D.
  • For installations on angled supports, the Universal mount option deletes the welded clamp, providing 3 separate planes of rotation and almost any required orientation. The U mount attaches to virtually all supports up to 3.5″ in diameter, and can be adapted to flat surfaces and utility poles.
  • 485-512 MHz Specific Frequency, Directional Antenna Pattern, 10 dBd Gain, Vertical Polarization, 49 deg Vertical Beamwidth, and 47 deg Horizontal Beamwidth.
  • 1.5:1 Maximum VSWR, 500 W Maximum Power, N Female RF ConnectorsBottom Connector Placement, and 150 mile/h Maximum Rated Wind Velocity.

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