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Weld Mount Weld Mount Executive Fastner Kit W/O Adhesive 1001008

Executive Fastener Kit – No AdhesiveThis Kit Contains A Large Selection Of All The Common Weld Mount Parts And Is An Ideal Kit For The Full Service Yard Or Custom Builder. The Kit Does NOT Contain Acrylic Adhesive The Weld Mount System Eliminates The Need To Drill Into Cored Composites Which Can Result In Hull & Deck Delaminations. No Need To Drill, Tap, or Weld When Used On Metal Surfaces. Great For Mounting Electronics, Wire Runs, Bilge Applications, Water Separators, Battery Switches, Etc. The AT-1001008 Kit Contains:(1) AT-300 – Dispensing Gun(10) AT-850 – 3.5 Mixing Tips For AT-8040 Adhesive(100) AT-5 – Large White Cable Tie Mount(50) AT-3 – Small White Cable Tie Mount(4) AT-113 – Large Footman’s Strap(10) PS62-832-16SS – 1.00 Long Panel Stud(4) ST125-1420-16SS – 1.00 Long Stud With 1/4 x 20 Threads 1.25 Base(4) ST125-1420-24SS – 1.50 Long Stud With 1/4 x 20 Threads 1.25 Base(4) ST125-1024-12SS – .75 Long Stud With #10 x 24 Threads 1.25 Base(4) ST125-1024-24SS – 1.50 Long Stud With #10 x 24 Threads 1.25 Base(1) Plano Storage Box 14 x 9 x 2.75Step By Step Instructions

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